Mello Mallows coming to the Sui. Join the 2,888 Club.

Cute and adorable marshmallows for keeps, not for eats.

Roadmap 2022

  • Month 1

    Community building

    Launch of NFT mint

    Connect with other Sui projects for collaborations

  • Month 2-3

    “Sprinkle” token claiming for NFT holders. The more NFTs they hold, the more tokens can be claimed.

    NFT breeding using “Sprinkle” token

  • Month 4-6

    “Sprinkle” token can be used to mint NFT based on collaboration project (example, if we collaborate with an ape project, we can let user mint mallows with ape traits)

    “Sprinkle” token can also be used to play game in order to win more “Sprinkle” tokens (we build Unity games)

  • Month 7-9

    Work with an Sui metaverse project to release of 3D mallows (voxel or 3d)

    Release game with 3D mallows